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I mostly shoot street and travel photography. I'm a full time journalist in my professional life so I'm limited to taking pictures in my leisure time. I'm a self taught photographer so manage your expectations.

Currently I'm shooting portraits of Metalheads in black & white.

I'm open for commissions. Shoot me a message.



Like most photographers I suffer from "G.A.S." but try to battle it with minimalism. So, what's in my bag? I end up using the Ricoh GR (I) for most of my shots. I come back to this incredible camera again and again, especially for travel photography (read my review on petapixel) and wide angle portraits with full frontal flash. Social photography: Fuji X100F. Functional photography (weddings, business portraits): Nikon DSLR (D610) and some primes and a 24-70 2.8 Nikkor zoom lens.


"Do you ask for permission when you take photos of strangers?"

I always get that question, probably because of my legal background. If you really care about a good picture legal considerations really should take a back seat. But I do ask when I get close for those wide angle portraits.